Originally published on Sep 8, 2013, Re-published in black and white for Noir Catcher Magazine

Video made for “The Risk Life” poem by Christopher Ponzi.
Directed by Andre Kraft, Spanish subtitles by Andre Kraft and Christopher Ponzi
Music by Esteban Copete y su Kinteto Pacifico


“Noir Version” for Noir Catcher Magazine


“The Risk Life” Full Poem


I am a risk taker, bold dance shaker, dream catcher maker

Weaving stories into sky, on my knees, hoping high,

Digging deep to unravel the potential I see written in the world’s wrapping,

The “tap tap tap” of one door slamming and another cracking,

Open to let my words be spoken and my actions held up high

To honor the lives I could not try, sacrificed to find the line

Where passion, purpose and poetry collide.

So here I sing, loud to the sound clouds, dropping danger

Like the Dubstep Gods above, so that we may dance together

In sweat and blood.


In the darkness of doubts, I will struggle to fight the flight

Of concession, to something less than life or possessions.

Because I’d rather walk the wire than never be free

From stale days, bad lays and mediocrity–

I want to kiss risk like a lover whose beauty inspires me!

Oh I am truly afraid, but still I walk, through uncertain shadows

Poverty, whispered talk, to reach the top or take the fall

Because, you know, tomorrow might not come at all.


I am a risk taker, bold dance shaker, dream catcher maker

Come be free with me . . . by Christopher Ponzi