“Star Child” is a Ponzi Poetry collaboration and Wild Maquina’s debut project and artistic homage to our cosmic origins. It is a moving portrait painted with the poetry of choreographed dance, experimental film and lighting, spoken word art and pure liberation.

Star Child

by Ponzi

Star Child, born of atoms dancing wild
From their womb beyond Neptune, where Gods
Slumber beyond number, under cold blankets of space, laced
With light light years away, oh but here
We sway, here we move our hips and pray.

Illuminate with me, lover of the light, walk-worn
Wanderer of the wild, whisper secrets
While you sync up with the beat, eat the energy
Like a battery, charge the heavens with your heat.

Move this dark matter, moon mother,
Bring fire to our savage,  build us a structure where
We won’t suffer, a guiding tower of great power,
That calls us all to one land,
Where we can speak in movements, united, hand in hand.

Extinguish me, Star Child,
Explode infinity with divinity in motion,
Invite destruction without shame
Defy the illusion of conclusion,
Unveil the secret of our fate, that we do not end, but only create.

Disrobe us, primal beauty, make naked our true state
As dancers on this endless stage, unbounded in
Revolutions continuous, page after page,
Our writer still unknown, but our poetry remains.

Dance upon this cold black earth, Star Child, with feet like fireflies
Raise your hands of flare to warm the air and radiate the sky.
Dance in light, dance in light, dance in light, Star Child.
And we will join you, forever together, in this our endless night so wild.